Photos - Baby



Just out. Fresh from the oven.

Our baby Elijah. Born on 04-Nov-05 at 1850 hours.

Weight: 2,475g. Height: 46cm. Head circumference: 32cm.

Thomson Medical Centre room # 510.

(4D punters, take note).




There's no feeling like creating life.

Baby Elijah. Born prematurely. Admitted into Neonatal ICU at Thomson 6th floor.

Karen had a C-section and is recovering.




There's no love like a parent's love.

You don't have to listen to Mozart in mommy's womb.

You don't have to be a scholar.

You don't need to drive a big car.

All we ask is for you to be a good boy and love God with all your heart, soul and mind.




Baby, you have so much hair.

Where did all your hair come from?

(Por-por: Mommy had heaps of hair when she was born).




You're so light but we will feed you, baby.

Because Baby Elijah was born prematurely (by a month), he hasn't developed

the suckling reflex yet. We need to feed him with formula milk by tube.

Our baby at 16 weeks c.23-Jun-05