"Chonz" is the shortened form for my full name "Ng Chon Hsing." Phonetically, "Chonz" abbreviates my "first" and "middle" name "Chon Hsing." The Chinese have their family name in front of their "first" and "middle" names. My family name is "Ng" (pronounced in the Hokkien dialect). In Mandarin, it is pronounced as "Huang." My name - "Ng Chon Hsing" - thus, is an anglicised version of:

  (Huang Changcheng).


Chinese Name Characters


huang [a] yellow [b] a Chinese family name.

chang [1] proper; good; straight (talk) [2] prosperous; robust; vigorous; make prosperous; glorify [3] light; brightness [4] a Chinese family name.

cheng [1] completed; accomplished; finished; fixed; settled; [v] accomplish; succeed; complete [2] [v] achieve [3] [v] become [4] acceptable; all right [5] able; capable [6] one tenth [7] a Chinese family name.



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